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Purchase high quality and low cost mastering for your audio releases.

Please upload your 24bit 48kHz mixdown(s) via the uploader (.zip required for multiple files) and use the ‘Additional Information’ section of the checkout page to include any further details regarding your order.

What Do I Get?

By purchasing our audio mastering service, you are getting a high quality 16bit 41kHz Master of your track(s). You will also receive an MP3 version of the same master, at the same time.

How Does It Work?

Simply select the amount of tracks that you wish to be mastered, checkout using your preferred payment method and once we have your master(s) ready you will receive an update to let you know that you have files awaiting approval on your order.

How Long Will I Wait?

As soon as you have made your order, you should then expect to have an email update on your order containing your Master files, ready for you to review within 2-5 working days, you will then be able to approve or deny these file(s) from your orders details page.

Don’t Like Your Master?

As stated above, if you do not like the outcome of your final master we will be happy to try again until you are (free of charge, obviously). You can also leave us a comment when you ‘Deny’ your final master(s) to inform us that you wish to cancel the order and request a refund, which we would then process immediately.

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